Lovers of FIFA Ultimate Team mode are always on the lookout for ways to accumulate FIFA coins. Everyone is looking to build the best team and possibly win the tournament. Although EA has provided ways in the game to earn FIFA coins, you have to stay dedicated to playing matches and completing objectives to even gather a significant quantity of coins.

For most players, they’re left with one last option; to buy fifa coins. Setting out to buy these FIFA coins is the first step, knowing how to go about it becomes the next step. The truth is, there are many scammers out there looking to swindle you of your hard earned money for a promise of FIFA coins they never planned to deliver.

The post shares tips, tricks, and ideas on how best to buy FIFA coins without getting scammed.

Auction players

The rules of the game allows players to auction off players with low ratings or that they’re not just interested in anymore. It is a good way to buy coins since other gamers will give you coins in exchange for your auctioned player. Although this is naturally acceptable by EA, gamers have been known to go around this method by trading and buying coins. If you intend to go with this route, ensure you’re offering a mid-level or an experienced player, then set the maximum price range for it and collect the paid FIFA coins. Just ensure you don’t overdo it and get banned.


This is simple and straightforward. The seller gives you their login details to their account and you will have access to their stored up coins. It is left to you to decide how you want to make the transfer to your own account. This method is easier if you have proper understanding on how to transfer FIFA coins between accounts.

Buy from reputable sellers

As much as this is overstressed, many gamers still patronize fake sellers. It can be difficult to know who’s real and who’s fake, but as an amateur buying FIFA coins, it’s best to start with people you know. The tip here would be not to buy from strangers. Ask around from your fellow gamers to see if they have ever used a seller than delivered. If you’re going into new waters with a new seller, try to make research about them if they have any negative comments.

Make safe transactions

When dealing with fifa coin sellers, it’s best not to give away personal information. Since it’s hard to know which seller is a scammer or which is real, assume all sellers are guilty until proven otherwise. Rather than choose credit card payments, opt to use other popular payment merchants like PayPal. Start by buying small quantities of FIFA coins to test their legitimacy before investing in larger orders.


Knowing how best to buy FIFA coins is the difference between getting the coins you paid for and being scammed of your hard earned money. There’s no 100% scam-proof method to detect FIFA coin scammers, but with due diligence and research, you should be able to find trustworthy sellers. In the end, always trust your guts and start with small orders.


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