RuneScape is the most famous multiplayer role-playing online game that requires an in-game currency called RuneScape gold. The players use the gold to unlock new game features, upgrade their players, and trade with other gamers. Most gamers find buying RuneScape gold easier, resulting in the online gold seller market expansion.

The unlimited options in the digital world are undoubtedly attractive, but they also have an increased possibility of scams. Since RuneScape gold is an investment for your game, it is best to ensure that you pick a non-nicking seller. Here are some pro tips.

Begin with the Reviews

The magic trick to finding the best seller is to know what the public thinks about them. There are various online forums where users post their gold seller reviews. If it is your first time buying gold for your game, you will need to put in some effort to find the right seller.

Try Googling the best RuneScape gold sellers and make a list. Visit each site individually and read about their customer feedback. You can list the seller on your green list if most reviews are good. The alternative way is to ask a general question on forums like Quora or Reddit, and the other users will most likely give you a solid lead.

Price Comparison

Your review research will likely leave you with an extensive list of sellers. Now comes the challenging part: you need to find a seller who fits your budget. Visit all the sites exclusively and note down the packages you like.

Usually, gamers prefer going cheap when buying RuneScape gold. However, it is not ideal because meager rates often result in scams. It is best to stick to the mid-tier prices so there is a lesser chance of fraud.

The Delivery Method

There are various ways by which sellers deliver the gold. For instance, some may make the delivery via email, while others perform an in-game trade. It is essential to check the delivery process so you get the gold timely without any problems. Always avoid sellers with vague delivery methods or precautions, as they mostly lead to fraud.

The Speed

Delivery speed varies from seller to seller. Some are instant like you complete the payment and the sellers deliver the gold, while others require days or hours. Choose a seller that matches your needs. If you require gold immediately, pick a seller with the shortest or instant delivery.

Some Additional Tips

In addition to the tips mentioned above, there are other tricks to steer clear of scammers.

  • Firstly, check that the website has a secure connection. Websites with URLs beginning from HTTPS:// are safer and less prone to breaches.
  • Next, look for surprisingly low rates. Usually, sellers keep up with the ongoing market rates. If you find a RuneScape gold seller with unnecessarily low rates, there’s a fair chance it’s a scam.
  • Check your email for unnecessary emails. Phishing emails are standard to make users give away their personal information. If you find any such emails, report them without a second thought.


The online market is endless. Although it provides various options for buyers of all kinds, it makes users vulnerable to scams. Therefore, the above article explains all the crucial aspects to ensure a reliable and secure buy.

Don’t opt for a seller without proper research when buying RuneScape gold. Read their reviews, or interact with experienced users on different forums to find the best options.

In addition, you need to pay attention to their URLs, the clarity of delivery methods, and rates. Try finding a seller that satisfies these metrics agreeably. However, if you still face any mishap, report the seller’s account to prevent further harm. Contacting your bank can also help you get a refund.


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