The variations in the power gadgets are limitless. As the need changes, the market pops out some new devices to fulfill it. You can find everything from solar panels, to BMSs, to low-voltage batteries and battery energy storage systems.

However, not all market products follow the same standard of production. Hence, raising the concern of finding a reliable seller. Fortunately, QH understands the dilemma of users and strives to resolve it in the best way possible by providing fine quality products. Here is a list of various products the seller offers.

24V LiFePO4 Battery

The 24 V LiFePO4 battery works suitably for devices that require a constant power supply. It can easily power communication devices, battery-powered vehicles, UPSs, etc.

Electric devices are prone to power surges and short circuits. Therefore, the 24 V battery packs manufactured at QH provide resistances against over-voltage, high-temperature, and short circuits.

Additionally, a 24V LiFePO4 battery offers up to 2000 working cycles and lasts 7 to 8 years compared to acid batteries. The battery’s compatibility with all power systems makes it an ideal purchase.

48V LiFePO4 Battery

The high-quality lithium phosphate cells in QH’s 48 V LiFePO4 battery ensure optimal battery performance. It has an advanced BMS that provides real-time monitoring and maintenance of the battery’s power consumption and storage.

A 48V LiFePO4 provides the clean power that sophisticated setups like RVs, solar power systems, portable power systems, and other electronics with IC circuits require. Since it is a LiFePO4 battery, it is more durable than other batteries and weighs almost 40% less.

The versatility of use, resistance to memory effect, and operability at extreme temperatures make it a worthy investment.

LiFePO4 Cylindrical Cells

LiFePO4 batteries are also available in smaller cylindrical variants at QH. These batteries offer a lesser discharge rate, which increases their service duration compared to other batteries like prismatic cells.

Additionally, they have a more high-quality battery solution that ensures good heat dissipation. In comparison, the prismatic cells require external measures to ensure heat dissipation.

QH’s cylindrical LiFePO4 cells have high-quality tab welding, ensuring resistance against scratches and shocks. These cells are more cost-effective and produce more power than prismatic cells.

LiFePO4 Battery 12V

Finding a suitable replacement for your gel battery is usually a complicated task. However, a LiFePO4 12 V battery from QH works suitably to replace an EFB, Gel, or AGM battery. It is ideal for smaller gadgets like electric scooters, LED lighting systems, medical equipment, and other devices which work on SLA batteries.

A LiFePO4 12 V battery lasts four times longer than a regular SLA battery and is reasonably lightweight. It provides cleaner and stabler power compared to other battery types. The environmentally friendly design and no emission of harmful gases make it ideal for indoor and outdoor uses.


LiFePO4 batteries are a relatively newer technology. Therefore, there is a lesser number of sellers who can deliver the promised performance.

However, QH is a trusted LiFePO4 battery selling and manufacturing company established in 2010 in China. Their expertise and experience in the field have enabled them to manufacture products of unmatched quality.

However, the system’s efficiency depends on the user’s purchase. There are many variants in LiFePO4 batteries. Hence, picking the correct battery size is essential because incompatible batteries don’t make ideal power systems.


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