Ugreen fast car charger with intelligent protection and compatibility is a great product that every Apple device owner should own. This charger has smart charging chips that allow it to work with all phones on the market today. It also has built-in safety protection and over current/voltage protection for your phone.

The unique design makes it easy to use, plug and play. It can be used in most cars on the market and is compatible with the latest models of iPhones, iPods, and many others. This means that the fast-charging capability of these new models is more important than ever so you don’t end up with a dead phone when you need it most. If you use your smartphone heavily throughout the day and tend to forget to plug it in at home, the car adapter will definitely be an essential accessory for keeping your device fully charged while on the go…

Best PD Car Charger Features

The Power Delivery (PD) standard allows for faster-charging speeds. The standard has been adopted by Apple and some other smartphone manufacturers, but it isn’t widespread yet. If you’re looking for a car charger that can charge your phone as quickly as possible, you should look for one with a PD output.

The best PD car chargers are capable of charging your phone at up to 30W. This is a huge improvement over older car chargers that could only charge your phone at around 5W or 10W. Most PD car chargers will, however, charge your phone at up to 18W, which is still much faster than older models.

Type of connector

The type of connector is an important consideration when choosing a PD car charger. The most common types are USB-C and USB-A, with USB-C being the latest and most advanced technology. Some models feature dual connectors so you can charge two devices at the same time, while others come with a single connector that works with both types of cables.

Output current

The output current is another factor to consider when choosing a PD car charger. The higher the output current, the faster your devices will charge when using this type of adapter. An ideal output current should be at least 1 amp (A) for fast charging, although some models offer up to 2.5 A or higher.

Size and weight

The size and weight of your device are also important factors to consider before buying one. If you have limited space in your vehicle or want something lightweight, then try to find small models that fit comfortably on your dashboard or console without taking up much space or adding too much weight to your vehicle’s load capacity.


A good car charger has become an essential part of today’s lives because of the widespread use of cell phones. However, you cannot say that all chargers are created equal. The best PD Car Chargers are those that are long-lasting, as these devices will be used frequently. Furthermore, they are dependable and efficient in use.

However, with so many options on the market, finding the right PD car chargers can feel like a daunting task. Figuring out what you want will help to simplify this process, so do your research and figure out if you need one with a specific output like 3x or 2x ports. You should also consider the number of amps that you need because this will greatly affect your battery life as well. Luckily for you, it only takes a little bit of time to find these answers! Check out Ugreen car chargers today!


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