What is unblock tech Ubox9 super TV box?

If you are searching for a device in which you can watch dramas, movies, or line TV. Especially for the Chinese movies and dramas then u have to choose to unblock tech Ubox9 super TV box. This box not only includes the movies and dramas but also includes many features.

Why choose the unblock tech Ubox9 super TV box?

When we are talking about the TV boxes many TV boxes are available in the market like SVICLOUD TV box, Superbox TV box, and EVPAD TV box. But some focus on live sports and some are on just movies, on the other hand, unblock tech Ubox9 super TV box focuses on both plus function and appearance.

Some main functions make unblock tech Ubox9 super TV box different from other TV boxes.

  • Different main functions
  • Access to the different networks
  • Different amounts of resources
  • Different and unique content

Features of the Ubox9 super TV box

Hardware Upgraded H616 processor

The upgraded H616 processor is a powerful CPU high-speed processor and reduces power consumption. It also upgrades the performance. UBOX 9 will bring you a great and enjoyable experience. It was created by professional engineers to ensure a high-speed operation. The H616 CPU uses a quad-core A53 CPU, along with Mali T720 GPU which increases the 75% performance as compared to the previous one.

It is compatible with HDMI 2.0 cable also with 6K TV sets and other display devices. Its bandwidth has been increased to 18Gbps.

Latest Android 10.0 System

UBOX 9 is having the latest Android 10.0 systems, and also supports the Google Voice assistant, 5G network, etc.

AI Intelligent responsive voice control

UBOX9 also includes the voice intelligence system that allows you to quick voice control response. You can use google assistant for voice search and no need to type the desired item. It supports playback control, system control, film search, etc.

6K HDR without buffering

UBOX9 new upgraded visual experience supports 6k ultra-definition video. The picture quality is excellent and gives you a clearer result. The main thing is that you can watch the 6Kj video without buffering. It uses a new generation of smartcolor 3.3 image quality engines.

4GB + 64GB Large Storage (Double Storage Size)

UBOX9 has 4GB operating memory and 64GB storage space to boost its performance. There is no need to uninstall the software to run the large-scale games. 4GB DDR3 memory boosted the speed and improved the user experience.

24/7 Playback Function

Have you ever missed your favorite TV programs for any reason? Now you never miss your favorite TV program with the feature of 24 hours playback function of UBOX9. You can watch your favorite TV program anytime.

About 700 Channels

UBOX9 gives you access to 700 channels from all over the world including Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.


Here are some main features that distinguish the UBOX9 from other TV boxes. But how would you know this without using it? So if you have any query about this or you want to buy it you can visit unblock tv.


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