Going outside after a long day at work can be a chore. But that should not stop one from experiencing theater. Hence, it would be amazing if one could have a home theater set up at their beck and call. Well, with Vankyo Leisure 450W native 1080p projector, it is possible. Vankyo provides its users with amazing quality, bright, lightweight, compact, and powerful projectors at cost-effective prices that are hard to pass up. These projectors can be installed easily allowing anyone to enjoy the home theater experience in their leisure time. Vankyo projectors come with the guarantee of an experience that would be hard to forget.

Advantages Of Home Projectors

One might think making their very own home theater system would be costly, but that is simply untrue. Making a home theater is far cheaper than one thinks.

1. No Need For Large Panel TV

One big misconception is that a home theater needs a huge panel TV. That is not true. With Vankyo, the projectors are powerful enough that one can experience their own home theater without the huge screen of a television. Not only that, the brightness of the Vankyo projector is equipped with Eco-friendly light that has reduced blue light, diffused imaging, and eye care soft light to ensure safety and entertainment.

2. Projectors Consume Less Power Than Large TVs

Despite a common misconception, projectors do not consume more power than a TV. Vankyo projectors work beautifully with a 50/60Hz power supply and it does not increase the power bill even if it is played for an extended period of time.

3. Projectors Are Cheaper Than TVs

Projectors are cheaper in price in comparison to a TV. Furthermore, Vankyo projectors are budget friendly. Despite their amazing quality, their price point is pocket friendly. These projectors do not require a panel TV to be installed with them. So, the cost of setting up a home theater with a Vankyo projector is quite less. Vankyo also gives offers that allow the users to buy their Vankyo projector at their own wish.

4. Projector Can Be Installed In Any Room As Needed

Vankyo projectors are sleek in design. They are also lightweight. This allows them to be attached in various positions, such as front, rear, or ceiling. This in turn allows flexibility when it comes to turning a room into a home theater. This allows any room to be turned into a home theater. These projectors from Vankyo work on both 5G and Wi-Fi ensuring immersive entertainment without interruptions.

Best 1080p Projector Suggestion

Vankyo Leisure 495W

Vankyo Leisure 495W should be anyone’s first choice if they want a Dolby cinema experience. With its 30,000hours lamp life and 15-0-200 lumen brightness, this projector creates a very immersive experience for anyone. This projector is easy to carry, and very portable and its compact design allows it to be placed anywhere in any room. It connects seamlessly with Bluetooth speakers to give that amazing surround sound experience. It works on 5g and Wi-Fi to provide the users with an uninterrupted experience.


Staying home and experiencing the best home theater services is a dream come true. With Vankyo, this dream is not a reality. With their Leisure 495W, Vankyo can and will transfer any room of choice into a very own personal home theater. Vankyo makes leisure time entertaining and immersive.


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