It is one thing to enjoy the benefits of portable, accessible, and non-volatile memory. However, the benefits turn sour when you notice that you can’t access your files when you need them most. So one of the most questions with uncertain labels of their results is, how do you fix a damaged SD card?

You’ve probably experienced this if you’re reading this. Luckily, you can take actions to try and restore your card. Continue reading for your corrupted and damaged sd card repair.

What Causes SD Card Damages?

SD cards are the most popular way to store and transfer files. But even though they are so reliable and easy to use, some situations can still lead them to damages, like bending or exposing it to extreme temperatures. Other reasons resulting in these damages include:

Improper Card Insertion

As much as this is an avoidable situation, it happens mostly due to quick card replacements or with zero concentration on the card. There is, however, a small latch on the side of each SD card that you can always slide to lock it into place and avoid damages.

Exposure to Extreme Temperatures

Memory cards can freeze up when they get too cold or overheat when they get too hot, which causes data corruption and total memory loss. Unfortunately, some people believe in freezing overheated or corrupted memory cards. You must note that, if anything, such exposures do more harm than good to your SD card.

Unprofessional Formatting

Formatting sd cards is quite unavoidable, as long as you expect the memory card to serve you from time to time. However, different formatting methods have varying effects on SD cards. So if you used an unsuitable method, you will most likely corrupt the card or damage it beyond repair.

It also involves deleting data on an SD card without first unmounting it and formatting it with the incorrect file system type.

Electronic Damages

SD cards might also fail or be corrupted if they are exposed to high levels of electric currents or magnetic fields that exceed the maximum ratings for those fields set by the SD Association (SDA). This is often caused by improperly grounding electrical equipment that comes into contact with an SD card, connecting an SD card reader device.

How to Fix Damaged SD Card?

It is never too late to save your files from a damaged card; however, it might be too late to save data from a corrupted, full formatted or overwritten SD card. Here are, however, a few ways to help you reinstate the sd card and get your data back.

Corrupted SD Card

If your SD card is corrupt, it means that it cannot be read. So if you want to repair the SD card, you need to remove all the stored data and then copy or write new data on it.

The best way to repair your corrupted SD card is by using one of the following options:

Recovering lost data from an unreadable media

Copying or writing new data on the card

Physically Damaged SD Card

This happens either due to improper device use or sudden power failure during data transmission. You may need to stop using the device immediately if this happens. Otherwise, your data will be lost inevitably and permanently.

The next step is to check if you can back up any files from the card. You should back up the files as fast as possible and format the card if possible. It is also advisable to avoid rewriting the same files previously on the sd card.

It is, however, not a guarantee that repairing the card with the above methods can recover your sd card’s state. Therefore, it may be best to fix any damaged sd cards with a professional’s help to avoid such complications.


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